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Follow my journey to bring my novel to life in 2017

"Being born to a Cathar Christian mother and a Catholic father, I am accustomed to living in many worlds at once.  Language played an integral part in navigating these worlds.  My first language was Occitan to speak to my mother.  My second language was French to speak to my father.  My third language was Latin to speak to my past. My fourth language was English to speak to my future." -Pierre Chandeysson, 1914

Thank you for visiting.  Please check back as I post my writings and chronicle my efforts to publish my novel based on the incredible life of St. Louis physician, Dr. Pierre Chandeysson.  I encourage you to follow me on Twitter at the link below and I thank you for your support and encouragement.

1914 - American Physician, Dr. Pierre Chandeysson, returns to his hometown in France to win the heart of Victoria, daughter of local politician Robert Roussin.  Kidnapped and forced to fight in the First World War, the good doctor abandons the trenches and disappears into underground worlds where secret religions and organized crime flourish in a time of war.  Landing in England, Pierre hatches a plan using all his resources to return to France and Victoria. (Literary Agents – Please let me send you a tailored query with the full plot including “spoilers”.  Just click here.)

Comments from Readers include “Spectacular!”, “Love”, “Love Love Love”, and my favorite “I speed read it to find out what happened, then I read it again just to enjoy the writing.”  Update: My new favorite review "Where can I buy this?"